Q. Are there any fees to submit?
Answer. No

Q. Are there any fees if I am accepted to be published?
Answer. On conditional

Q. How long does a review take once my submission is sent?

Ans. The preliminary review is carried out within 1-2 weeks. Acceptance or rejection is notified in this stage. If your paper is accepted for Editorial review, the process can take up to 2-3 weeks by the time you have corresponded with the editors on suggested changes and made those changes

Q. If my paper cam request a Letter of Acceptance?

Ans. Yes, this will be emailed to you

Q. How long will it take to be published?

Ans. The Chief Editor will inform you of the date your paper is scheduled for publication

Q. I want to publish my article where can I get the information about the procedure?

Ans. Read the submission guidelines carefully and send your submission accordingly as MS-Word file to editorijoer@gmail.com

Q. Should I send Author’s Bio, Abstract and Article in three different files?

Ans. Send only one attachment, We require only your affiliation address and not full CV, no need to send an abstract separately.

Q. How many points in API will i get if published in an article in The Criterion?

Ans: For Journals with ISSN you get 10 points but if your article is published in The IJOER you can get 15 points for it is an International, refereed, Indexed and Peer-reviewed Journal (according to UGC guidelines).

Q. When can i ask the status of my submission?

Ans. You can send a mail to the editor at any time along with article no after submission of two weeks

Q. What is the Deadline for the next issue?

Ans: Visit Submission page for Deadlines of each issue.

Q. Why my article was rejected?

Ans: If your submission is not according to submission guidelines it will be rejected even before peer-review procedure.

Q. What is the procedure of accepting or rejecting the submission?

Ans: We strictly follow blind peer-review procedure. We send your submission to three reviewers if at least two of them approve your submission then we accept your submission. If two reviewers send negative reviews we reject your submission.

Q. How can i subscribe to the Journal?

Ans: The IJOER is an open access Journal you can access, read and download for free.

Q. Will you send me copy of the Journal to my postal address?

Ans: If you want copy write a request to the Editor (Charges Applicable).

Q. How can i join the Editorial Team? What is the procedure?

Ans: Send your CV to editorijoer@gmail.com. We prefer experts in related fields especially from outside India.