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 Vol. 10 issue 1: 2022

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   Vol. 10 issue 1: 2022  
3 Synthesis and Characterization of Methacrylic/Urethane Graft Copolymer, Urethane Macromonomer (UM1) Based on 4, 4 Diphenylmethane Diisocyanate and
Ethylene glycol
Abubker A Alshuiref1, Nagi G Greesh2*,
Ahmed A Maraie1 and Mahmoud M Bin Mahmoud1
1School of engineering Elmergib University, Khoms City, Libya
2Libyan Advanced Centre for Chemical analysis
*Email: Najigu76@yahoo.com
DOI: 10.33329/ijoer.10.1.1